DNA Extraction kit


QS™ DNA Extraction Kit

QS™ DNA extraction kit provides new DNA extraction method for DNA testing. It is extremely quick and simple, taking  2 steps and ~5 minutes to extract DNA from many types of tissues  and cells. The tested tissues are listed below.

  •  Biofluids: blood, swab samples, semen, sputum, and  spent culture medium
  • Bacterial cultures and mammalian cell cultures
  • Biological samples
  • FFPE
  • Feces 
  •  Environmental samples, river and pond water samples
  • Agricultural samples: animal, plant and crop samples 

   The main features include: 

              . Fast results. It takes only ~5 minutes to extract DNA in most samples.
              · Fewer procedures. It involves two steps. No wash and other

                 procedures are needed.
              · Easy to use. Simpler and fewer steps.
              · Low cost. Reduced many other steps, such as phenol/chloroform,   and washes.
              · High success rate.  


The QS™ DNA extraction kit contains reagents that lyse cells, denature proteins and protect nucleic acids from nucleases and oxidation.      


The two-step protocol, including lysis and balance, has eliminated phenol/chloroform procedures and many washes. The extracted DNA can be directly used for PCR and sequencing analysis. No cleanup is needed.

Cat # QS8001


Product   Name QS™ DNA Extraction kit 

Description  Solution A (Lysis)100ml and Solution B (Balance) 10ml 

Storage  Room temperature