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Lung Cancer Kit

Colorectal Cancer Kit

Colorectal Cancer Kit


  Clinicogen is currently developing tests for a number of types of cancer where we believe molecular tests can make a significant impact in improving patient care and lowering costs. 

Colorectal Cancer Kit

Colorectal Cancer Kit

Colorectal Cancer Kit


Clinicogen has developed a blood based Real Time PCR molecular assay, TheraleadTM CRC.   In clinical studies of both CRC and healthy patients the assay has been shown to be highly sensitive (92%) and highly specific (95%) when directly compared to colonoscopy results




   Clinicogen is a GenoSensor, Inc. owned company started to focus on development and commercialization, either directly or through partners, of molecular assays for clinical applications. The company is specifically focused on cancer diagnostics for both screening and early detection as well as for monitoring the effectiveness of therapy.


Genetic information and nucleic acid technology are playing an  increasingly important role in the effective and efficient delivery of  medical care. The monitoring of genes and their activities have been  shown to accurately reveal individual health and disease conditions.  Clinicogen is focused on developing molecular techniques for early  identification of cancers and the monitoring of the effectiveness of  treatment. Our technological core focuses on identifying and detecting  genes in human blood and fluid samples   

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 Biomarkers for use in colorectal cancer

    By Dr. Xueliang James Xia 

 Published on December 18, 2018

United States Patent  10,155,991


The present invention provides assays, methods and kits that may be used to assess colorectal cancer (CRC) in a subject in relation to diagnosis, prognosis and treatment evaluation, using blood samples.